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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Wand Choices Guide

Before heading off to Hogwarts, you’ll need to have your supplies ready. One stop on the path to getting ready in Chapter 1 is getting your Magic Wand at Ollivanders in Diagon Alley.

When you’re there, you can choose from 4 different options. You’ll be asked a question about what happened to your brother, and depending on how you answer the question corresponds with what wand you’ll receive. If you’re wanting a specific wand, be sure to choose one of the options below:

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery free mobile game Wand Choices Chapter 1

UPDATE:  These now include the global and soft launched answers.

  • ” I felt bad for him” – Ollivander will comment on your sensitivity and indicate that a 12 in./30.5 cm fordable Acacia stick with a unicorn horsehair is right for you. (This wood gives the wand a stubborn character and their owners must be subtle and gifted ).
  • “I was angry” – Ollivander will tell you about your fight and will direct him to offer you a 11.25 in/28.5 cm Blackthorn rod, slightly elastic and flexible and containing a unicorn hair. (Since this wood is perfect for warriors ).
  • “I was determined” – With regard to your passion and your determination, a wooden rod of Hornbeam of 11 in/27.90 cm with a dragon heartstring core, would suit you. (Ollivander indicates that his own wand is of the same composition and Hornbeam corresponds to the wizards inhabited by a pure and unique passion).
  • “I wanted answers(Soft Launch Only Answer – no longer available?) – Boasting your natural explorer skills, Ollivander wonders if a reasonably elastic 35.5 cm Maple wood rod with a unicorn hair would fit you. (Note that this is the same composition as your brother and that your personality corresponds to the description of this wood – however, this changed in the global launch, as Ollivander now states your brother’s wand was Maple wood, dragon heartstring core, 10 inches.)

There you have it! Choose wisely!