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How to Reset your Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Progress

HP Hogwarts Mystery GuideAfter creating a character, linking an account, and making some decisions – you may make a new decision… that all your previous decisions weren’t great and you want new decisions (Hufflepuff was the better choice anyways, we understand). Typically in mobile games you can reset your progress by either un-linking your account your erasing the app/deleting it.

Of course, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery free mobile game is different.

Currently, game progress cannot be reset in game. However, you can try any of these options still, as some folks have reported minimal success:

  1. For Android, try clearing the app data. Another option is to create another phone user profile and start a new game there.

  2. For iOS, clear data by Settings > General > iPhone Storage, find the app and delete all the data.

  3. Start a new game with another device or an emulator (such as Nox or Bluestacks).

  4. Contact support at hphm-help@tinyco.com.

If the reset rule changes, we’ll update this page accordingly.

Thanks to the /r/HPHogwartsMystery community for their help in figuring this out!